Fake Bills Found in Mammoth

Last week reports came in of phony $100 bills circulating through Bishop businesses. Now officers report that the fake bills have been found in Mammoth.

Local banks have warned businesses to be on the lookout for these fake bills that look close to the real thing. Bishop Art Supply has reportedly taken one of these bills. Spellbinder books received two of these bills, only to be informed by their bank that the bills were no good.

In Mammoth, reports indicate that businesses like Tailwaggers and the Chocolate Factory have received the fake 100s.

The pens (counterfeit detection markers) that businesses use to spot fakes dont work with these bills, but there are other tell tale signs. Police say to use ultraviolet light, check for watermarks, and compare the bill to a legitimate $100 bill. The number $100, in the lower right hand corner of the front of the bill should change colors when you look at it from different angles. On these fakes, the number changes shades of green, but does not completely change colors.

Another way to spot these fakes is to lick your fingers and rub the bill. The bill will feel slimy and ink may come off onto your fingers.

Local Law Enforcement is working with Businesses, Banks, and the US Secret Service in the investigation of these crimes. If you do receive a fake bill call the Police right away. Police advise not taking any action on your own.


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