Fire fee bills and protests

capitolAs Inyo-Mono homeowners start to receive fire tax bills from the California Board of Equalization, local agencies are providing ways for people to protest the payments.  Sacramento officials and others have called the fee, which will reportedly pay for fire prevention not fire protection, an illegal tax.  Here is information provided by the Lone Pine Chamber of Commerce and by Big Pine residents:

For information on, and to protest, the fire tax, go to www.firetaxprotest. By the way this is not a link so copy and paste

All the instructions and forms are under the tab _refund_

If you need a Redetermination Form mailed to you feel free to call the Chamber Office. I will help you with the forms and copies here at the office.

I even have some information and answers if you need them. Kathleen New 760-876-4444


Workshop on Wed. Sept 26th  at Big Pine Library 5-7 pm

Bring fire fee bill, copy of check.



Howard Jarvis

Please forward this to any and all who are receiving Fire Fee Bills

For More Info

Jackie Billeci 760 938-2255


Cindy Schlick



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  1. Steve K September 20, 2012 at 8:58 pm #

    Thanks for the info.


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