First Woman to Head Law Enforcement?

Sources close to Bishop City Hall say that the next police chief will be a woman. Officials have declined to comment or to release the name of the next chief. Bishop City Administrator Rick Pucci said he could not "confirm not deny" that the next chief will be female.

Pucci did say that assuming backgrounds clear, the Bishop City Council will "have an opportunity to appoint a new chief." The start date of the new top cop would be in the later part of December, which, Pucci said, is convenient for the chosen candidate.

Current Chief Joe Pecsi had earlier decided to retire after his stint at the department. That's when the City hired Avery and Associates to do a candidate search. Administrator Pucci said that the effort turned up "a lot of really good candidates." He said Avery has access to potential candidates nationwide through their network of connections.

Avery conducted searches that led to the hiring of Chief Pecsi, Public Works Director David Grah and Community Services Director, Keith Caldwell.

As for the off the record confirmation that the new Bishop Police Chief is a woman – that would be a first for the Eastern Sierra.

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