Forest Service Gets Money To Rebuild Schulman

The forest service is set to receive up to $2 million to replace the Schulman Grove Visitor Center. The visitor center was a popular stop for people who made the trip into the White Mountains to view the Ancient Bristlecone Pine Forests before the building burned to the ground in September of 2008.

With no insurance, Forest staff and volunteers went to work to raise money to re-build the destroyed visitor center. The work has now paid off. In a competitive grant process, the Schulman Grove Visitor Center replacement project was selected as on of five projects selected in this national effort, staff reports. Inyo Forest Supervisor Jim Upchurch says that the tremendous public support and donations played a critical role in receiving the money.

The new visitor center, being designed as a model of energy efficiency, will be the same size as the old log cabin structure. Construction details are still being worked out, but the plan is to have the boardwalk, patio, outside exhibits, and a temporary visitor center up by June of this year.

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