Frenchmen Avoid Head-On Collision

Two men from France, apparently touring the Eastern Sierra, narrowly missed a deadly head-on collision with a semi-truck Sunday night.

It was close to 10pm when the siren in Independence blared out. Volunteers rushed to an accident scene three miles south of town. They found a car with the left side sheared off, in part.

The two occupants were not seriously injured. CHP officers said that a semi truck, driven by Diana Derock of Idaho traveled southbound when a Pontiac SUV suddenly veered into her lane. Officers said that the driver of the SUV had grown tired and let his vehicle drift into the southbound lane.

The truck driver managed to steer sharply to the right to avoid a head-on collision. As the vehicles passed each other, the SUV side-swiped the semi. After the wreck, the SUV sat northbound in the southbound lane. The truck driver was uninjured. The two Frenchmen sustained minor cuts and abrasions from small shards of broken glass. The Independence volunteer ambulance crew rushed them to Southern Inyo Hospital where they were treated and released.

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