Gourmet Taste of Mammoth Bears

Madder than a wet hen!

There’s a woman here in town who came home late one evening from the Jazz Jubilee to find a window screen bent all to heck. “Burglars?” she thought but quickly discarded the idea in the instant undertstanding that it was a bear. Once inside, she followed a trail of spilled oatmeal and abandoned chocolate power bars to the slightly still ajar bottom freezer drawer of the kitchen refrigerator.

“He took my lobsters!!!!,” she railed into the silent night. She set out in hot pursuit following a trail of tell-tale lobster shell pieces and bear drool. “Bad bear, bad bear,” she called turning on lights in the darkened rooms as she went. The trail stopped at the site of the crime. “The bear sat in the middle of the bed and ate my lobster tail,” she wailed to no one.
Chocolate bars and cereal are not the fare of Mammoth Mountain Resort Bears living the “California Lifestyle.” Lobster – that’s the entree of choice. Guard it with your life. They are out there….those bears.

The latest in the lives of the same Alpine Circle couple who brought you”Baby Bear taking a bath in the fountain……”

Leigh Montgomery and Harry White

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