ICARE Accomplishments

The non-profit organization called ICARE uncovered the local desire to help dogs and cats – a desire so strong that the group has accomplished amazing statistics in its 12 years of work.

On the occasion of its 13th fundraising dinner, ICARE founders shared their story with us. Ted and Lisa Schade recognized the need for major improvements at the Animal Shelter outside Big Pine. They went to work and attracted major community support.

The statistics tell the story. In 12 years, ICARE’s work on a spay-neuter program and adoptions show that in that time impounds of pets dropped 56%. Adoptions went up 71% from 1996 to 2008. The most dramatic figure shows euthanized pets at 970 a year 12 years ago and down to 87 in 2008. That’s a 91% drop.

The annual fundraiser sends money directly to the spay-neuter program which is what has created the impressive statistics.

It’s not too late to buy tickets for the fundraising dinner this Saturday. Get tickets at Spellbinder Books and the Sound Shop/Radio Shack or in Mammoth at the Booky Joint.

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