Illegal Weapons Cache Seized

The Inyo Narcotic Enforcement Team reports the seizure of a large illegal weapons cache, including fully automtic machine guns.

INET Commander Jeff Hollowell says that on Monday, officers stopped 38 year old Ronald Marchi of Bishop. Marchi is a convicted felon and was found with two fire arms and ammunition, according to Hollowell.

INET officers went to Marchis home to do a probation search where Hollowell reports that officers found ten additional firearms, two of which were fully automatic machine guns. Additional investigations in Big Pine turned up five more guns believed to be linked to Marchi, including two more fully automatic weapons.

19 weapons of various makes and models of rifles and shotguns were on display at the INET office. Some would be legal for non-felons to own, others are not. Officers say that four of the assault rifles, including an AK-47, an SKS, a Russian submachine gun similar to a PPS-43, and a Sten submachine gun, had been converted to fire fully automatic.

Marchi was booked on charges of possession of a machine gun, possession of an unregistered assault rifle, and being a felon in possession of firearms and ammunition. Bail was set at $250,000.


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