Interim Superintendent Moves Things Forward

Rich McAteer, back on the job as Interim Superintendent of Mammoth Schools, recently met with the School Board members who want McAteer to focus on finding a new superintendent and other district projects.


Mammoth Interim School Superintendent Rich McAteer

McAteer said that the Board’s main goals for him during his some 6-month stint as superintendent are to find a new superintendent, a new elementary principal, to work with the Independent Study Center and to keep track of union negotiations.

Former Superintendent Frank Romero left the district under questions of plagiarim of written materials and conflicts with board members. Even so, a number of teachers remained very supportive of Romero. School Board members have asked McAteer to tend to the staff morale on this matter.

McAteer said that the Board also wants him to work with the NOW Foundation that will be supportive of the district. When the Board meets in regular session next week, they may vote on who will help search for a new superintendent – the County Schools Office has made a proposal to search, plus private firms are available to do the work for a price.

The Mammoth School Board will meet Thursday, January 28, at 6pm in the Mammoth High School Library.

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