Kevin Green Still in Mono County Court System

His parents paid restitution and now Kevin Green’s attorney and the Mono District Attorney’s office continue to try to resolve the case.

Green had failed to show up in court two years ago on a fraud charge. The court issued a bench warrant which caught up with Green in recent weeks. He was arrested at the Atlanta Airport and extradited to Mono County Jail.

According to the DA’s office, Green’s $100,000 bail was reduced to $10,000 when his parents paid $34,000 to cover the bad check their son had allegedly passed in Mammoth Lakes.

The DA continued to press the fraud charge. Green was scheduled for a hearing in Mono Court Monday, but this appearance was continued for two weeks for possible resolution of the case. Apparently both sides are at work on a plea agreement.

The charge stemmed from Green’s dealings in Mammoth Lakes over attempts to purchase four restaurants.

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