LADWP Clears Out Old Business Buildings in Lone Pine

Over the years, LADWP crews have demolished a number of houses and old business buildings. Residents regret the losses since new buildings and homes rarely take their places. DWP recently took down a group of old business structures in Lone Pine.

Chris Plakos of DWP said that the buildings were in bad shape and had to come down. “Our intention,” said Plakos, “is not to take anything away but to remove eyesores.” A radio shack business and other ventures had worked out of the buildings in past years.

Plakos said that crews get to clean up work when they can. He noted that removal of tanks and other cleaning up at the old Llo Gas station on Main St. in Bishop has begun to improve that location which is owned by Los Angeles.

While some residents regret the loss of businesses and homes others point to the need for new growth and development that rarely takes place. Los Angeles land ownership around Owens Valley towns has locked out most chances for growth.

The auction to sell land under the Water Agreement went badly under current economic conditions. DWP General Manager David Nahai expressed willingness to work at marketing those properties so they would be released for private use.

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