Land Deal Done for Mammoth Public Facilities

A complex and lengthy land exchange process has arrived at completion which will pave the way for public facilities in Mammoth for the fire department, town, Mono County, the courts and the hospital.

The land in question lies to the south off Highway 203 at the entrance to Mammoth Lakes. Mammoth Hospital has been the proponent of this ambitious land deal which turned over the acres for the new fire station and 10 acres of what's called the Church parcel for a new court building, Mammoth police department, hospital expansion and a joint town-county administrative fracility.

The idea – to centralize public services. The Forest Service said that as a result of the forest land going to Mammoth facilities, the exchange meant over 1300 privately held acres going into forest ownership. Land in the Bristlecone Pine forest, Mono Basin, Galss Mountains, Tub Springs and in other locations.

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