Leigh Gaasch Thanks Public Servants

Thank You Kirk & Bill!

We the people of the United States are very fortunate. The First Amendment protects our freedom of speech, enabling us to freely exercise or opinions, and most importantly empowers us to engage in the political process with the purpose of helping our elected officials make better decisions.

There are two citizens in Mammoth Lakes that I take “My Hat Off To.” Both Kirk Stapp and Bill Taylor deeply care about our town and the many residents who live here. For many months they have reminded our elected officials about two important issues. The first is DIF (Development Impact Fees) and the second is Affordable Housing.

On the DIF issue, by reducing the developer impact fee our town will suffer. Where will the funds be found to help improve our much need infrastructure, such as our storm drains for Sierra Valley Sites, roads and airport expansion? Someone has to pay for this shortfall and most likely it will have to be the 7,500 residents. How much more of a tax burden can our community take?

Our struggling work force deserves a quality place to live and thrive. The lack of land is a concern as we are restricted to our 4 square miles. If each developer pays in-lieu fees for the bulk of their affordable housing (AH) where are they going to build them? Maybe MLH should consider refurbishing what we already have instead of purchasing our precious and shrinking commodity?

I thank Kirk and Bill for their persistence and passion in continually bringing these troubling “community” issues forward. May their actions inspire us all to exercise our opinions and stand up for what we believe is right. It is the voice of the people that can and will make a change. I encourage you to not give up, but actively engage in helping our elected officials make better decisions for us all!

Kirk and Bill, may we learn by your example.

Leigh Gaasch

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