Local Officer Helps LAPD on Cold Case

Digging has begun on a cold case in Ventura County, where Mammoth Police Sgt. Paul Dostie and his dog Buster have assisted the Los Angeles Police Department to find the location where investigators believe a boy was buried in 1968.

According to the LAPD, Mack Ray Edwards, the most prolific serial killer of children in the history of Los Angeles, killed 15 year old Roger Dale Madison on or about December 14, 1968, and may have buried him while he worked as a bulldozer operator under contract by Caltrans. Investigators and a writer researching the case have followed leads to this patch of dirt off the shoulder of Highway 23 near Moorpark.

The LAPD website has a link where viewers can watch the dig live.

Unlike the unsuccessful dig for Manson victims at the Barker Ranch, where investigators used shovels to dig by hand, heavy equipment is on hand for the LAPD.

The boy was reportedly buried by the heavy equipment operating murderer. On this dig a loader drives into the ever growing hole and grabs a bucket of dirt. As the operator drives the dirt up to the fill pile, investigators walk down into the hole to see what was uncovered. The process has been repeated, one scoop at a time, for three days straight.

So far the dig has not turned up remains, but operations may continue for up to ten days, according officials with the LAPD. To watch the dig live , go to lapdonline.org.

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