Mail Scam Discovered in Lone Pine

Inyo County Sheriff deputies warn of a mail scam that was discovered by a Lone Pine resident.

Sgt. Andrew Marsh reports that on Friday, a Lone Pine resident showed officers a letter and check that she had received in the mail. The letter stated that she had won $75,000 in a sweepstakes out of Canada.

With a check made out to the Lone Pine resident for $3,985 to cover some of the taxes she would have to pay on the winnings, the letter requested that the resident send $2,985 to a tax agent.

Sgt. Marsh says that this is a scam. He asks that anyone who receives this letter and check from TD Financial in Halifax, Nova Scotia, should not deposit the check. Sgt. Marsh reports that when he called the phone number listed on the letter for further instructions, a female answered the call and identified herself as the claims agent.

When he identified himself as Sgt. Marsh with the Inyo County Sheriffs department the voice on the end of the line became immediately upset, shouted some profanities, and hung up the phone, he says.

Sgt. Marsh asks that anyone who receives this type of letter and check to please destroy it. If you have any questions call your local law enforcement agency.

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