Mammoth Town Council: Main Street draft plan, Putnam award, and TOT appeal

mltc8_6_13For many years, Mammoth officials and citizens have dreamed about, talked about, and worked on a re-make of Main Street. Tonight, in a joint workshop with the Planning and Economic Development Commission, the Mammoth Town Council will receive a presentation and discussion on a Draft Main Street Plan.

Some basic ideas that have been considered include making Main Street more pedestrian friendly and more attractive. The workshop was scheduled to start at 4pm in Suite Z.

On their regular meeting agenda that starts at 6pm, the Council will meet a new Tourism Business Improvement District Accounting Assistant, Maureen McClain. And, the Helen Putnam Award for Excellence will be presented for the Gateway Monument project. The award comes from the League of California Cities.

Suzanne Ferry will appeal past due Transient Occupancy Taxes, penalties and interest for a property on Starwood. And, the Council will review the Town’s Solid Waste Reduction Program and progress to obtain compliance with State law requirements.

The Council plans to approve the 2013 Measure R Fall Award Process, and hear recommendations from the Mammoth Lakes Recreation Steering Committee and proposed next steps.

Finally, the Council will go into closed session with legal counsel on the Eric Hugelman versus Town of Mammoth Lakes case. Hugelman had been terminated from the Police Department, and then reinstated. His case takes issue with back pay.


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3 Responses to Mammoth Town Council: Main Street draft plan, Putnam award, and TOT appeal

  1. Dingo October 16, 2013 at 11:07 am #

    Good luck making Main street pedestian friendly, it wont happen until people drive slower. How do we do that?
    People get stupid when they get behind the wheel.
    I don’t care how long you have been driving in snow or how long you haved lived in Mammoth or what kind anti lock braking features your over priced suv has, we all need to slow down. Locals get over confident, tourists believe their car will do what it does in TV commercials.
    I don’t believe our local athorities always report vehicle vs pedestrian/bicycle accidents and if an unleashed dog is killed by a speeding motorist it will always be the dog owners fault even if the vehicle is speeding, ALWAYS.

    • Sean October 17, 2013 at 9:31 am #

      I’m going to guess that somebody here had a bad traffic experience lately. Why am I reminded of the scene from a Clint Eastwood movie – “get off my lawn!”

  2. Sean October 17, 2013 at 9:38 am #

    Regarding the new plan for Main Street I have heard that the town is going to try and encourage landowners to redevelop their business parcels. I’m seriously wondering how that is going to get done as I don’t think there are too many businesses on Main Street that can afford a couple hundred thousand $$ to redevelop and extend their properties as needed for the new master plan concepts I have seen hanging on the walls in suite Z.

    I’m all for a main street makeover. While you’re at it can you put in a parking structure across the street some from the village with some more retail on the lower level so that we have a proper shopping district up there.

    But I keep coming back to how is this all going to be paid for? Correct me if I’m wrong but it seems like most of the businesses in town don’t have the financial capacity to make these projects happen.


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