Mammoth Lakes Wellness Opens to Medical Marijuana Customers

One of Mammoth Lakes’ two permitted medical marijuana co-ops has officially opened.

Owner, Robert Calvert said he opened Mammoth Lakes Wellness last Friday in the mall on Main St. He said some cosmeticmamlkswellness details remain on the building and offices. Calvert said they do have the initial product in stock, and he hosted customers throughout the week-end – a mix of local and out of area people.

Customers become members of the co-op. They fill out forms and answer questions about products and prices. It’s a first for Mammoth Lakes, and Calvert carefully points out that he operates legally as a medical marijuana cooperative under California Proposition 215, the “Compassionate Use Act, California Senate Bill 420 and Mammoth Lakes Measure M.

Calvert said, “For many people, our services will remove significant barriers to obtaining legal medical marijuana.” Calvert added that “patients with no space to cultivate medical marijuana, those without the requisite gardening skills to grow their own, and, most critically, those who face the sudden onset of a serious illness or who have suffered a catastrophic illness, all tend to rely on our services,” he said, “as a compassionate, community-based solution as a preferable alternative to potentially dangerous illicit market transactions.”

The past image of marijuana, Calvert hopes, will be countered by his business’s “good neighbor policy”, he said. Calvert explained that he will restrict membership to legally-qualified patients, provide adequate security, maintain a clean facility, prevent nuisance activity, educate members about rules, exclude patients who break the rules, keep lines of communication open and respond to community concerns.

The second cooperative will be operated by Steve Klassen of Mammoth Lakes at 94 Laurel Mt. Rd.

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