Mammoth Man Arrested For AM-PM Robbery

Officers in Minden, Nevada, report that Mammoth resident Christopher Matthew Hamilton has been identified as the man who robbed a convenience store wearing a paper bag on his head.

According to the Douglas County Sheriffs Department, the 43 year old Mammoth carpenter was arrested Friday morning in connection with an armed robbery at the AM-PM in Minden. Sheriff Deputies report that just after 2:00 am on Friday, a man entered the AM-PM carrying a chisel and wearing a loose paper bag over his head. Deputies say that the suspect told the clerk to give me the money, and that the clerk stepped aside to let the suspect grab cash out of the register.

The Officer that we spoke to said that the paper bag had a large rip in it, allowing the clerk to identify the suspect.

A police K-9 lead officers to the chisel, ditched nearby, officers report.

A security guard at the Carson Valley Inn, who was listening to a police scanner, saw a suspicious man change his shirt in a restroom and then leave the Inn a short time later, deputies say. Video from the Carson Valley Inn helped officers get a vehicle description.

Two hours after the robbery, deputies stopped the suspect vehicle and detained Hamilton. According to Officers, Deputies found money similar to that taken from AM-PM. The clerk from the AM-PM was taken to the vehicle stop where deputies report that the clerk positively identified the suspect.

The Douglas County District Attorneys Office reports that Hamilton was charged with one count of robbery with a deadly weapon, in this case a chisel. Hamilton remains in custody with bail set at $28,000 and a second court appearance set for Wednesday.


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