Mammoth Man Pleads Guilty to Eleven Felonies

The Mono District Attorney’s office had argued for State Prison time due to the extreme number of theft cases involved, but the Court sentenced 33 year old Skip Dehaan of Mammoth and Upland to 365 days in Mono County Jail after his plea of guilty.

In late summer, Mammoth Police arrested Dehaan on 13 charges, mostly felony thefts and burglaries with one charge of possession of methamphetamine. Police said Dehaan was identified on a security camera as he entered a parking garage and stole a leaf blower.

Police officers said that Deehan returned to the same garage and took more items, including expensive artwork. Officers later searched Dehaan’s home and said they found numerous stolen items including the leaf blower, artwork, mountain bikes and other reported stolen items.

Deputy DA Kyle Graham said that Dehaan pleaded guilty to 11 felony counts of grand theft or second degree burglary among other charges.

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