Letter to the editor: Mammoth Motorcycle Club offers solution

Closure on Tuttle Creek Road.


Letter to the editor:

CC: Ed Armenta, Jon Regellbrugge, Nancy Upham, Marty Hornick, Jon Kazmerski, Nick Ettema, FOI, MammothMC
BCC: MammothMC email list
Dear Benett and all, 

Travel Management consequences are too large to define, the loss of experiences beyond words.  Through the voice of many our club is formulating a proposal that could bring peace to many.  It is just one small step back to freedom of travel and choices.  

Our solution is modest, with the Mammoth Motorcycle Club representing the eastern sierra front country at large.  We will work bite by bite and propose 5 changes to travel management per year based on interest.

Our club will screen nominees based on merit and coverage through media outlets, or by other means like direct contact.

2012 nominees include:

1. ‘Darwin award’ road closure out of Lone Pine, submitted online by concerned citizen. (roads 16S100, 01, 02, 03).
2. Bachar Boulders road closures by June Lake Junction, read online by concerned citizens. (roads OS301, 323, 537, 296)
3. Deadman summit re-opening of sustainable sand hill-climb that fixes the ‘loop to no-where’. (O2S284) Submitted by MammothMC. (O2S159, N467)
4. Open until filled, deadline July 15, 2012.
5. Open until filled, deadline July 15, 2012.

Of course this will be turned over to the USFS/FOI for implementation – we believe that any trail work not repaired to original condition (or better) is grounds for a refund.

We can be level headed but will hammer it home online and through grassroots journalism and public demonstration if needed.  Current talk from USFS and FOI have indicated that both groups are ready to look at the errors and mistakes and “get to the fixing”. (though not as succinctly as quoted)

MammothMC offers this volunteer coordination on behalf of the health (forest and community) of the entire Inyo, stretching from Mono, Inyo, and Esmeralda counties.  We recommend that others of similar standing implement action plans in their respective communities, but if that fails we are here to assist.

Timeliness is of the essence.  Thousands of unwelcome (and often dangerous) changes have been made on the ground in months.  What’s the value of a few fixes between friends?


John Connolly, MammothMC president/treasurer, Hilton Creek
James Connolly, MammothMC public relations officer, Mammoth Lakes
Joe Parrino, MammothMC sergeant of black ops helicopters, Mammoth Lakes

Alan Sanchez, MammothMC founding member, Orange County
Russ Chessler, MammothMC founding member, Mammoth Lakes

Kim Pham, MammothMC founding member, Mammoth Lakes

Jason Hardin, MammothMC founding member, Mammoth Lakes

Vince Maniaci, MammothMC founding member, Long Valley

Adam Klimek, MammothMC floundering member, Embarrass MN

Abe Mascarenas, MammothMC flounder, Hilton Creek

John Graves, MammothMC member in good standing, Mammoth Lakes

Ruben Sandoval, MammothMC member in good standing, Mammoth Lakes

Johnston Julao, MammothMC member in good standing, Mammoth Lakes

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22 Responses to Letter to the editor: Mammoth Motorcycle Club offers solution

  1. Demographics July 18, 2012 at 5:20 am #

    Too many snowboarder types that spend no money and party 24/7. They’re driving the respectful, peace-loving types (who have money) away,

  2. T.O.M.L GONE BK July 17, 2012 at 9:59 am #

    Hey Ken, Thanks for the negative suggestion. If you lived here in the 70’s you would understand the reputation Mammoth once had. A RECREATIONAL TOWN FOR ALL EXTREME SPORTS. Yes, Ken I’m in my 50’s and do extreme recreation. The town was so bitchen then that we never had a shoulder season. It was so cool to ride my dirt bike to school. Everyone shared the area and got along. No cop shop. Sheriffs and C.H.P blew in and out of town. The enforcement officers new everyone by there first name. A real small community feel. Then the greedy ego’s moved to town and Inc. it. Now we are all over the news, Mammoth is B.K. Everyone thinks the town is closed down. How much more bad press will help our T.O.T next season?
    How many more small businesses that have been here longer than you, have to close? How many more long time locals that have raised there kids here lose everything because of Mr. Rustyland? Seems everytime I go on this site your name and opinions appear on every subject. Don’t you work? Are you and wayne Deja in a compition to see who can post the most comments? Are you a 1% pention taker? Seems the youth (kids) are being left behind when it comes to things to do. They come in my store and I ask them; What are you doing today? Nothing. There’s no free programs for the small kids. Do you have young kids? Ask them yourself. Small towns rely on every penny from locals and tourist. I feel I do my part, how about you?
    Do you bring a brown bag lunch when your out recreating? Do you walk or ride a bicycle to save money on gas? (No Gas Tax) return for the town. Yes you might pay property taxes but it isn’t enough to pull the town out of it’s crisis. Mammoth was once a Disneyland in the mountains when it came to activities and recreation. Now it’s being bogged down by users groups who think of only themselves. A ME,ME,ME ATITUDE.
    Checkout some of your early comments Ken, Maybe you’ll see were I’m coming from!!

    • Benett Kessler July 17, 2012 at 2:15 pm #

      Please refrain from self-righteousness in your comments.
      Benett Kessler

    • Ken Warner July 17, 2012 at 3:07 pm #

      I did live here in the ’70’s. Worked in town. I liked it too. Wish we all could go back to the ’60’s. Let me know if you manage to accomplish that.

      In the mean time, the reason you are pissed off is because of all the people — yet you point out that the town needs people. That’s the problem. Not what you do or what I do. It’s just that too many people want to do something here.

      “Now it’s being bogged down by users groups who think of only themselves. A ME,ME,ME ATITUDE.” And you gave a good example of that attitude.

      There’s a lot of country still left around here. If one place is closed, there’s plenty of other places to go. And I’m not the person who is in your way.

    • Trouble July 17, 2012 at 9:49 pm #

      T.O.M.L and Ken- I think T.O.M. L. hit the nail on the head Ken. I agree with many of your views, but believe that T.O.M.L. is correct in stating that we were all better off without all the new laws and enforcement that has been brought to the Sierras. Not just Mammoth. I blame conservatives and liberals views equally for creating this police state we now try to enjoy.

  3. OPEN MAM.MX TRACK July 16, 2012 at 11:23 am #

    To Hisierragirl:
    How long have you been in the Mammoth area? O.H.V is a large part of Mammoths Economics. How much money do you spend in towns when riding your Mtn. Bike or hiking? During your Bicycle ride do you stop at any Gas stations and fill up? How about any stores or restaurants to purchase food? How many times have you gotten off your bike to do trail Maintance? Speaking for myself I do all the above. I fill up my motorcycle tank with gas. Average 6-8 bucks, then I buy snacks 5-10 bucks, Then after riding 50 miles I stop to eat a good size meal. 10-30 bucks.Top off my tank, 6-8 bucks not to mention buying chap stick, 2 bucks, motor oil, 6-10 bucks and other supplies, bottled water, Maps, 3-10 bucks, batteries for my Gps unit 5-10 bucks
    Etc. Are you following the money trail? My 1 person ride cost 0ver 60 dollars in one day. A group of ten MC riders can drop hundreds of dollars in our local business and counties. We had a staging area! The Mammoth motocross track area was the perfect solution. Oh but our local Inviro groups helped close that. Now people are complaining because the O.H.V user groups are restricted to roads only that run behind your houses.The trails you ride (singletrack) would never be their if it weren’t for dirt bikes who made them. Bad Conditions and ruts on the trails are part of the challenge of mountain biking. That’s why you have low and high gears. If you don’t know what I’m talking about, 2 shift levers with cables on your handlebars. Seems to me, to many different interest groups have settled into Mammoth. Now it’s become a war on what user groups are allowed to use the trails on what was once called our public land. DON’T SENIOR CITIZEN HOME MAMMOTH Thank You, M.M.O

    • Ken Warner July 16, 2012 at 12:54 pm #

      You can always go somewhere else. Anywhere else. Please….

  4. Bill July 2, 2012 at 11:49 am #

    The Eastern Sierra is a wonderful place due to the fact that we have so many miles and acres of public land to recreate on!!

    I used to be a little more “Wilderness Centric” and “muscle powered oriented” and did not fully appreciate or understand motorized recreation or even livestock recreation. As such, it was easy for me to fall under the Us vs. Them mentality.

    That has all changed now as I have met many fine people and friends who choose to recreate legally in many different forms. It is important for us all to remember that many of us go to these special places for the same reasons – we just choose to access it differently.

    WE need to respect one another’s choices and stop bickering and fighting and start compromising. Each “special interest group” needs to have advocacy while each group’s opinions and desires for recreation lands should respected.

    There are enough wild places that each group should have it’s trails and access!!! some can co-exist while other trails/roads should be segregated for safety etc…

    Be a part of the process, stop complaining and finger pointing. Respect one another’s rights and support recreation for all people… horseback, moto, on foot or bicycle. A healthy community doesn’t finger point and stoop name calling. Face it, many of your good neighbors ride motos, jeeps, horses, they hunt animals, fish, hike, backpack, climb rocks and mountains. They are as passionate in their endevours as you are in yours.

    Get off the soap box and share a beer together.

  5. John C. July 1, 2012 at 6:44 pm #

    High Sierra Gal, it’s obvious you don’t feel the loss of forest roads and trails. Others do and that’s why this is a topic.

    Our beef is the closure of benign roads we’ve been using for decades. The exploring, camping, and travel now off limits to a lot of select spots is bothersome. I hope you can understand that.

    We are not defending tearing up wilderness of any lands for that matter, in Benett’s forums here I feel a connection with many others who are locked out. My family’s use of the front country is about 30% motorized and 70% non-motorized.

    It’s good to finally hear about your passion for mountain biking, because prior I couldn’t figure out what your angle was other than “I support TM right or wrong”.

    Consider this, with all the closures around Shady Rest, the roads are going to have even more dirt bikers, quads, and side-by-sides than ever before turning trails into volcanic flour. How does that make sense or benefit your mountain biking experience?

    Also, it was our club (PR officer mainly) who kept harping on the USFS and FOI to stop closing mountain bike trails behind Shady Rest. FOI eventually came out and said that it was wrong, and fixed it! We did it for you, and everyone else who likes to walk, run, or bike with or without dogs back there. It is my hope that the VC mountain biking series reclaims all the trails they used to use for their awesome summer racing program.

    I hear you on road conditions, we too experience varying conditions of dirt. Because Mammoth is so volcanic it is loose, sandy, and extremely dusty. I’ve always noticed once everything dries out conditions are less than favorable (sometime downright tough) and it it forest wide and little to do with the Motocross.

    Maybe when MLTPA gets around to building some quality mountain bike only trails you’ll be happy. The way it’s going now is that the remaining roads are going to be more impacted than ever.

  6. salblaster July 1, 2012 at 3:17 pm #

    ya that comment may have been a little over the top. here in the southern owens valley most all of the road closures are way out town. roads that i’ve used for getting to hunting areas like upper centenial springs a road closure there blocked off my old campin spot about 1/2 mile from the springs in the pinon trees, good chucker huntin around there. still like to know why that road was closed.

  7. Wayne Deja July 1, 2012 at 11:19 am #

    This issue is starting to get spun the same way the GOP tried to say how the Dems were trying to take everybodies guns away in 2008….trying to win the election with mis-statements,and hoping people believed it.Certain groups won’t be happy unless every square mile of forest land is open to EVERY off-road rider.Soon,someone will be saying “they can have my dirt bike when they pry it from my dead bloody hands”.No one is trying to close ALL forest land….and in some cases,the USFS should not close existing roads,such as the one that started all this up by Tuttle Creek…but ,at the same time,certain areas should be closed to motorized vehicles here in the Sierras’….The off-roaders don’t need every square mile of land to do their week-end thing…and claim their rights are being trampled on if they don’t have it that way..the special intrest groups should stick to the facts,and not try to make people fear their public land is being taken away.

  8. salblaster June 30, 2012 at 3:00 pm #

    hisierragal you keep using words like destroy and destruction of our forrests, thats a pretty vague generilized term. could you be little more specific. destuction of our forrests sounds like off roaders are setting off nuclear bombs and nothing survives. do you want all human activity out of public land or just off roaders because come summertime the sierras fill up with backpackers and horseback riders and they all leave tracks and walk on trails. i’ve done a lot of backpacking over the years mostly around the mt whitney and horshoe area, once did a seventy mile trip from mcgee canyon to big horn lake to graveyard lakes and out at lake mary in mammoth. i also have been 4 wheelin and dirtbike riding since my early childhood and in my oppion theres not much difference between a four wheel drive road and the pacific crest trail or john muir trail, they all support human traffic, do you want to close hiking trails as well . just like to see some real data and facts supporting road closures and not the same old line of your destroying the planet.

    • sierragrl July 1, 2012 at 9:23 am #

      wow salblaster, you don’t see much difference between a dirt road in the forest and the john muir trail? That might be a big part of the problem. I for one, like to mountain bike on the dirt roads and trails around shady rest. pre motocross, the trails and roads are great to ride on. After moto-cross and the rest of the summer with people riding their dirtbikes there, the roads become to soft and the trails get rutted. you ever have your mountain bike tire grabbed by dirt bike rut? It’s not fun. Dirt biker and ATV ers have to realize that their use has a negative impact on other users. Other users, such as a hiker and a mountain biker, may have temporary ‘conflict’ (ie the hiker has to step of the path to let the biker go by) but there is no longterm conflict…meaning the mountain biker does not impact the hikers use when they aren’t riding…and the conflict is very minimial. Horses are another conflict, mostly minimal other then their waste which attracts tons of flies….so yes, they have a permanent impact, but still fairly minor. Not so with the ATVers and dirt bikers. Their impact to other users is not just temporary (nobody wants to encounter them whether on a horse, bike, or hiking) and they have a longterm impact of damaging the trails for other users. Therefore, where they can ride needs to be limited. Basically, I can only ride so far from town to ride my mountain bike. Dirt bikers and ATVers usually trailer in, so they should be able to ride further out of town. Therefore, they shouldn’t be allowed to ride where the mountain bikers and town walkers want to recreate close to town. But, they should be given a nice staging area and allowable areas to ride further out from town. At most, 10 miles out or so. Doesn’t this sound like a nice compromise and win win solution? I know the lobby for off road motorized uses is very powerful these days but what we need to remember is we will start losing our tourists who come here for the beauty and quiet if we let the off roaders play to close to town and in an uncontrolled manner. It’s just common sense.

      • Avid Hiker July 1, 2012 at 4:47 pm #


        I hike almost daily. It is a proven fact that it takes at least 50 mountain bikes to do the damage of ONE horse !!!!

        Where is your outrage against the stinking, deficating, trail trashing horses?

        Those pack trains can do more damage than all motorcycles, bicycles, hikers, ATV’s etc. combined !!

        Why is it OK to trash the environment with horses?

        • Grrrr! July 2, 2012 at 6:25 am #

          Well, for one – a horse is not going to break away from a designated trail just to make fresh tracks or run up the side of a steep hill just to see how high he can climb.
          Just sayin’

          • esfotoguy July 17, 2012 at 2:33 pm #

            my mountain bike doesnt leave stinky piles of poop on the trail….and I have seen horeses break from the pack and were very hard to control.

          • Wayne Deja July 17, 2012 at 7:42 pm #

            Grrrrr….I think what esfotoguy is trying to say is animals…probably ALL animals… have no business being in the wilderness or the forest…and all it does is take-away from his “extreme” experiences on a mountain bike or a 4 wheeler….esfotoguy,your type of comment is EXACTALLY why there are groups,like the Sierra Club…and others, to protect the land,the wilderness and the animals.

  9. m June 28, 2012 at 8:15 pm #

    Huh? Does anyone else understand what this jibberish means…

    • JohnC June 29, 2012 at 3:47 pm #

      Hey M, gave you green because I can deal with criticism, expect better writing from me in the future.

      Anyhow, it was about solutions. Something you might be interested in? Look us up.

    • hisierragal June 30, 2012 at 8:55 am #

      here, let me try and decipher:
      we represent a group of people who believe we should be able to ride our motor vehicles on the roads we want to ride on (I especially enjoyed the heart rending description of the loss)

      “We can be level headed but will hammer it home online and through grassroots journalism and public demonstration if needed.” – and from what I have seen this could mean something like – we are willing to put a little “spin” on the truth and threaten destruction if necessary in order to get it our way

      Yes, mistakes have been made and can be rectified but the fact is that MMC is just another “special interest” group

      take a look at a map an see how many roads there are that you can ride on in the Inyo and the rest of the state and the rest of the world and get back to us on how you don’t have “enough”

  10. Big AL June 28, 2012 at 5:40 pm #

    Thank you Mammoth MC.

  11. Mammoth Motorcycle Club June 28, 2012 at 1:23 pm #

    Thanks for putting this up on Sierra Wave! Hopefully something good will come of this – I believe it will.

    It is, after all, 2012. I know we can do better.

    Thanks again!


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