Mammoth News Briefs: Think, Spend, Travel

“Think Local First”-
Mary Canada, Mammoth local and Sierra Business Council official, presented to the Town Council SBC’s new “Think Local First Program” at their March 4 meeting. Canada explained that the program fulfills the triple bottom line of promoting social, natural and financial aspects of the Eastern Sierra. The program is meant to educate locals on the benefits of shopping at their local businesses. “We want to make people aware that they have choices,” Canada said. SBC is currently selling retailers kits to promote the program.

Lake Mary Road Bike Path Funding-
Council authorized Town staff to make a request at the March 9 Local Transportation Commission meeting to reprogram a $2.6 million STIP allocation programmed in fiscal year 2010/2011 for extension of Airport Road to Benton Crossing Road. Instead, the money would be used for the Lake Mary Road Bike Path. If approved by the LTC, the request would then need to be passed on to the California Transportation Commission at their April and June meetings.

Vanpool Program Authorized-
Council authorized the Town of Mammoth Lakes to financially underwrite the Eastern Sierra Transit Authoritiys community vanpooling program. The program will provide transit assistance to all employees and employers who live outside, but work within and commute to the Town of Mammoth Lakes. The program may start as early as May 1, and the cost for the Town to underwrite the program will be anywhere from $18,000 to $21,000 depending on when the actual start date occurs. In order to underwrite the vanpooling program, the Town will reduce the depreciation recovery rate from the six trolleys from 100 percent to 80 percent.

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