Mammoth Officials See Flat Tax Receipts as Good

In Mammoth, the TOT bed taxes for July and August are flat compared to this period last year. Like the old song that says "Ive been down so long it looks like up to me," town officials say that this is actually an improvement.

The transient occupancy tax, charged to overnight visitors, is the bread and butter for town budgets. The TOT brings in roughly 60% of the general fund each year and can also be an indicator for the economy.

Town officials report that so far the TOT receipts for July and August are flat compared to last year. Not great news, but town officials also report that this is an improvement over last month where our reported TOT returns compared to the prior year were short 5.5%."

The theory it seems, is that at least the situation is better than the other old song that says, if it werent for bad luck Id have no luck at all.

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