MCSO: Policy Concern

Letter to the Editor

As a single woman living in Mono County I recently discovered a very disturbing sheriff’s department policy which is currently in place under Sheriff Rick Scholl’s administration. In place today, is the policy in which during winter months there are no deputies on duty between the hours of midnight and 6:00 am and during the summer months, no deputies on duty between 2:00 am and 6:00 am or until a deputy is called at home, awakened and told to respond to your call for help.

This policy, supported and enforced by the current sheriff is not acceptable and could mean the difference between life and death for a citizen in the county. According to the incumbent sheriff he maintains this schedule, in spite of unacceptable response times, because there are not enough calls for service. I cannot help but ask what my life or any other citizen’s life worth. Criminals look for easy targets to victimize and will take advantage of opportunities where law enforcement is perceived weak. In today’s mobile society, criminals easily and rapidly travel throughout the country and through their various methods of communication, become aware of where opportunities for criminal’s success exist. This can very well and will happen in this county under the present sheriff’s department administration. I feel as a citizen that it is unacceptable not to have a twenty-four hour protection in place is my or your security and safety so unimportant? When do the wants of a few outweigh the security and protection of the majority, especially in public safety? I’m upset and worried that the safety of the visitors and residents of Mono County is not being put first and you should be as well; just think it could be you or your family who is affected most by this policy.

Sara Pana

Concerned Citizen

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