MCWD commencing surveys through September

– Press release

Starting in early August, Mammoth Community Water District (MCWD) will commence a state required Cross Connection Control survey for water systems on all customer properties.  Inspectors from BSI, Backflow Solutions Inc., will be accessing all premises, August through September, to look for hazards that the state has identified as a potential contamination source of potable water supplies. The inspectors and their vehicles will carry the BSI identification logo.


For residential customers, the surveys will only take place outside of buildings.  For multi-family and commercial properties, BSI employees may need to enter buildings during an inspection.  BSI will contact property owners prior to entering any buildings.

These state required five-year surveys protect the drinking water distribution system from contamination through “backflow” from a customer’s water system or through other on-site hazards. Backflow can occur when pressures in MCWD’s drinking water system drops or when a customer’s system operates at high pressure.

Water pressure in the distribution system can drop when a fire hydrant is used or a water line breaks. Higher pressure on the customer side can occur when commercial boilers or steam heating systems are in use.  The survey will also include looking for hazardous conditions such as adjacent non-approved auxiliary water sources or harmful substances on the premises.  To maintain safe water supplies, California requires annual backflow device tests and backflow/hazardous condition Cross Connection Control surveys every five years.  Please contact MCWD at (760) 934-2596 if you have questions or concerns regarding the upcoming survey.


About Mammoth Community Water District 
MCWD provides water and wastewater utility service to the Town of Mammoth Lakes and surrounding areas.  MCWD strives to provide reliable, affordable utility service to our customers and to conduct our operations in a manner reflecting our stewardship role.  We encourage our customers to practice responsible use of our limited water resources, and to take advantage of the information and services available to support this goal.


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