MLTC: council appointments and court hearing coming up

It’s official.  The Town of Mammoth has two councilmember-elects who will take seats on the Council June 20th.mltc

With all of the problems that face the Town of Mammoth, only two candidates signed up to run for two open seats – Mayor Jo Bacon and Michael Raimondo.  According to government code, the Town Council had the option to appoint the two or go to election.  Wednesday night, they made the appointments.

The Council could have done nothing and the June election would have gone ahead. By appointing Bacon and Raimondo, the Town saves $17,000.  The appointments become effective just as if the election had taken place, and the two councilmembers will be sworn in June 20th.

In all of Mammoth’s history as a town, Council elections have usually drawn a stampede of candidates.  This year’s sparse showing is one more testimony to the dreadful state of affairs in Town government.

Speaking of that, Friday afternoon the issue of the Town’s $42 million debt was scheduled to go back to court.  Mammoth Lakes Land Acquisition had petitioned the court to issue a writ that requires the Town of Mammoth to pay the entire $42 million by the end of the fiscal year.  Town officials say they still hope for mediation of the debt payment, however, privately many say that this is just a prelude to municipal bankruptcy.

If Judge Randall issues the writ, the debt payment becomes due.  Mammoth Financial Adivsor Marianna Marysheva-Martinez said that under a new law, the Town would be entitled to a ten-year payment plan at 7% interest.  She said the Town could not afford to do that either.


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  1. Ruth Harrell March 25, 2012 at 2:51 pm #

    Finally, a decision that makes sense! I am so happy that Michael Raimondo will be on TC.


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