Motorist avoids deer, loses control

snowreckOn Saturday, March 1, 2014, at approximately 3: 30 P.M., California Highway Patrol (CHP) Bishop Communication Center received a report of a vehicle on its side in the Walker Canyon area.  The area received snow earlier in the day, however, at the time of the collision the weather was clear and cold.
A CHP officer from the Bridgeport Area office responded to the scene and located the vehicle on southbound US-395, north of SR-108, in an area commonly referred to as reverse curves.  The vehicle was located on the right shoulder resting on its passenger side.  The driver was identified as Mr. Stephen Dempsey, 26, of Mammoth Lakes.  Dempsey, and his dog Legend were traveling southbound US-395, north of SR-108 (reverse curves), when he observed a deer on the right shoulder.
Fearing the deer would run in front of his vehicle, Mr. Dempsey took evasive action.  Mr. Dempsey’s vehicle veered right and traveled onto the soft dirt/snow shoulder.  Mr. Dempsey lost control of his vehicle which ultimately came to rest on its passenger side.  Both Mr. Dempsey and Legend were uninjured.  After taking a traffic collision report, CHP personnel transported Mr. Dempsey and Legend to their home in Mammoth Lakes, California.


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  1. DESCO March 3, 2014 at 1:49 pm #

    I too got a ride home from the CHP when my M/C broke down about 8 miles south of Bishop. While we were riding along he radioed to any other LEO’s in the area to keep an eye on my bike. Drove my truck back down and as I was loading the bike another CHP pulled in behind me with his lights flashing so I would not get run over by north bound traffic.
    Can’t figure out why all you haters have such problems.


    • JeremiahJoseph March 4, 2014 at 9:39 am #

      And I can’t figure out why people need to go so far to prove to one another that Law Enforcement is out serve the public? Isn’t that the job?
      I know I wouldn’t be so negative towards Law Enforcement if they stopped using the monopoly of violence that they have, I wish we would stop seeing the bar of police brutality lowered and lowered, it’s cultural norm today to see the security industry (Law Enforcement, corrections, security, etc…) to be taking away or violating our human and constitutional rights in a major way…..
      And this culture of fear that we live in is out of hand… but I’m glad some of you feel safer, but are we really any safer?

  2. Rick O'Brien March 2, 2014 at 9:49 pm #

    I ran out of gas years ago just south of the Owens River bridge on highway 6, and walked all the way to the shell station in Bishop. Luckily , there were 2 CHP officers,one male,one female, on there coffee break and as I approached them, I said ” Are you guys allowed to give rides”? The male officer was very accomodating and said you bet, where ‘s your vehicle ? I told him it was just down the road about 2 miles. The female patted me down for weapons (I would too, officer safety) During the ride, the guy was very cordial, but the female was very cold & for a lack of a better word, was being a real hardass. We got back to my truck and the male officer opened the trunk to get the gas can out, and as I walked around to the rear of the CHP unit to get the gas can, I couldn’t help but ask the female what was with all the attitude. She said she didn’t like what I had said earlier. I said “I asked you guys if you were allowed to give rides”… she bent over laughing, and told me she thought I said “are you guys allowed to TAKE BRIBES “. My riding buddy who stayed with my truck, couldn’t figure out why the 3 of us were laughing. I’m glad the male officer heard me correctly the first time.

  3. Ken Warner March 2, 2014 at 8:55 pm #

    I’ve come close a couple of times. Deer are practically invisible in the evening until you are right on top of them. Scary stuff.

    Any complaints about the CHP in this instance? I think not. Nice of them to take Dempsey home.


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