New Furloughs For Mammoth Staff?

The Mammoth Town budget has come up short again as bed taxes dont amount to what town staff expected. A tentative agreement has been reached with employee groups, which will lead to additional unpaid days off for employees.

The Town of Mammoth Lakes brings in close to two thirds of the town general fund from the taxes that people pay to stay in local hotels, motels and condos. Town Staff has explained that this year skier visits are stable compared to last year, but the bed tax revenue has come in short by $400,000 in January. February and March are also expected to come in lower then budget projection. Town staff expects to be $1.3 million short by the end of the fiscal year.

Starting in January of 2008, town staff reports that 21 jobs have been eliminated and employees already have a one day a month unpaid furlough.

Employee associations for the Mammoth Police, Public Works, General Employees and Management met with the Town Council on Thursday to negotiate. The tentative agreement worked out with council calls for two days off a month, unpaid furlough and no new raises. Also, Police will not receive holiday pay for one year.

The budget is up for discussion at the council meeting tomorrow night.

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