Inyo-Mono Supervisors: New position, new bill and an appointment

inyocourthouseAt the Inyo Supervisors meeting today, County Administrator Kevin Carunchio planned to come back with a request to change some positions in his department.

Carunchio asked the Supervisors to delete one Deputy County Administrator position and add one Senior Deputy County Administrator position.  The funds for the Senior Deputy, between $7,026 and $8,540, will come from the General Fund and possibly some Non-General Fund departments, depending on job responsibilities.  Carunchio suggests an open recruitment for this job.

In other agenda items, the Sierra Nevada Conservancy planned to come to the Board for discussion on the Mt. Whitney Fish Hatchery. Representatives from Southern California Edison planned to show up to talk about Edison’s Smart Connect Program.

At 6:30pm Tuesday, the Board scheduled a public hearing on Caltrans’ proposal to change the speed limit on Highway 395 through Independence from 25 miles per hour to 30 mph and to eliminate the incremental speed increases and decreases into the community.  This MONO COURTHOUSEis similar to what Caltrans did in the Big Pine area.

In Bridgeport today, the Mono Supervisors expected to hear from County Counsel Marshall Rudolph who planned to ask the Board to oppose Assembly Bill 1692 which is designed to make changes in this year’s brand new municipal bankruptcy law, AB506.  New reports say AB1692 is backed by employee unions since it would give parties negotiating with cities more control over the mediation process that precedes bankruptcy.

Others say the new bill would drag out mediations prior to bankruptcy to the point that bankruptcy could never happen.  According to Cal Watchdog, “Many are concerned about the attempt to undo the agreed-upon provisions in AB 506 only four months after the law took effect, and many say it is a bait and switch aimed at the cities of Stockton and Mammoth Lakes, which are currently engaged in mediation with their creditors under the provisions of AB 506.”

County Counsel Rudolph also scheduled a closed session with the Mono Board to talk about Mono County’s AB506 negotiations with the Town of Mammoth and the potential impacts on County government services paid for by Mammoth Lakes.

The Mono Board also planned to consider appointment of a new District Attorney to fill the vacancy that will be created by current DA George Booth’s retirement at the end of June.  Booth had strongly recommended that the Board appoint his assistant Tim Kendall.


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