Officers Search Bishop Home For Stolen Property

Law enforcement officers of many stripes were busy searching property in Bishop in the hopes of finding stolen property.

INET Commander Jeff Hollowell said that 49 year old Bishop resident Terry Bouch was arrested Sunday night after a vehicle stop by Highway Patrol Officers turned up what was believed to be a stolen handgun. Hollowell says that Bouch might also have been involved in other burglaries.

With the suspect in custody, Mono Sheriff Officers, Inyo Sheriff Officers, and Bishop Police could be seen searching property at Brockman and 395 for other stolen items, like tools and firearms that could be related to this case. Officers were searching numerous sheds, and storage lockers near the residence.

In the meantime, the Inyo District Attorneys Office has charged Bouch with possession of stolen property and possession of a stolen pistol in a vehicle. If officers turn up additional property believed to be stolen, additional charges may be added.


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