Officials Urge Caution For Firework Use

firework_standFireworks went on sale starting Monday in Inyo County. The popular safe and sane type of fireworks sold as fundraisers for local groups. While fireworks can be a source of fun and entertainment on the Fourth of July, they are also a cause of concern for local firefighters.

Safe and sane fireworks are legal to light off all year round on private property in Inyo County but are only allowed to be sold between the 28th of June and the sixth of July. The use of the safe and sane type of fireworks is only allowed on private property in Inyo County. No fireworks are allowed on BLM, Forest Service, and DWP land. Fireworks are also not allowed anywhere in Mono County including the Town of Mammoth Lakes.

While safe and sane fireworks are legal in limited situations, people also purchase illegal fireworks, like sky rockets, bottle rockets, and mortars, from various spots in Nevada to light off here in the Eastern Sierra. Safe and Sane Fireworks are clearly marked with a California State Fire Marshall symbol. If you bought them in Nevada and they dont have the symbol, they are illegal.

Illegal fireworks have led to brush fires in the past. Bishop Fire Chief Ray Seguine reports that there were four illegal firework related brush fires over the Fourth of July holiday last year.

Chief Seguine says that Bishop fire fighters plan to patrol for illegal fireworks in coming days, along with firefighters from CalFire. If you are caught with illegal fireworks, the fine can be as high as $500 and up to a year in jail for the most serious offenses.

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