Open Doors at Bishop Workforce Housing

After crews reportedly worked on the finishing touches into the night Sunday, the doors to the Bishop Workforce Housing Project on Willow Street were opened to the public Monday for an open house. Local politicians, potential renters, and others took advantage of the event to tour the brand new two and three bedroom apartments.

With income restrictions on who can live at the Willow St. apartments, space was still available as of yesterday afternoon. Employees with the property management company reported that they had received a large number of applications.

To qualify to live at the Willow Street Workforce housing where rents top out around $850 a month for a three bedroom, a person has to make under 60% of the area median income. The most a renter can make is $26,400 for a family of two, a family of three has to gross under $29,700.

One problem that has occurred is that both alimony and child support count as income in this system. A single mother making about $12 an hour had to be denied because child support payments put her just over the cut-off.

Despite the difficulty finding qualified applicants, at $850 for a spacious three bedroom, there were still plenty of people at the open house in search of a new home.

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