Open Letter to the Staff of Northern Inyo Hospital

Open Letter to the staff of Northern Inyo Hospital

August 9th at about 8PM we were overwhelmed with
victims from a fiery motor vehicle accident. Many died
on scene and many more critically injured came to our
hospital. I have been an ER doc in more hospitals than
I can count for the last 33 years. Yet I do not have the
words to describe the horror and intensity of what we all
saw that night. I have never worked so hard or so fast.
I have never had to ask a staff to go so far, so long.
Over and over again the quality of this group shone

I stand in awe at the level of professionalism I saw. I
am amazed by the volunteers and the ready willingness to
get to work and save lives. The team work was top notch.

I sincerely hope that such an event never occurs again.
But if it should, I can imagine no finer crew to work with.
Thank you from the bottom of my heart for the high
caliber of work. You should all be proud of a job well

Sincerely, Dr. Paul Beatty
Valley Emergency

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