Parking Citations on Sherwin Creek Road – Case by Case

An earlier issue at the Mammoth Town Council left the public with the impression that parking on Sherwin Creek Road would mean a traffic citation. There’s more to the story.

At the last council meeting, Ali Feinberg of Mammoth complained that she parked at Sherwin Creek Road to walk her dog and came back to a ticket on her windshield. Mammoth Police Lt. Jim Short explained that her car had blocked snow removal equipment, which caused the ticket.

Lt. Short said, “We’re not hardcore. We’re not ticketing everybody. We’re going case by case. In her case, we needed to plow the snow.” In fact, town code says no parking on town streets between November and April – this to make sure snow removal can proceed.

Lt. Short said the police department is trying to give people the benefit of the doubt. He noted that since town budget cutbacks, the police department has not been so active at parking enforcement. The Lieutenant did say that they’re asking people not to park on town roads, as per the rules, but he noted that Sherwin Creek Road restrictions do stop at the motocross.

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