Note to editor: Solar ranch public meeting in LA

IFAloha All:

I’m just replying to everyone in this message thread at this point…  I’d appreciate it if you’d get the word out to others who may want to make a trek down to the big city.
A couple of weeks ago, I was out of the area for the latter part of the week because of a family emergency, and while gone, DWP’s Chuck Holloway left me a message about wanting to set up a public comment meeting in L. A.  Our Manzanar NHS history about this meeting goes back to the Lone Pine and Bishop public info meetings in September.  I was away on another family emergency, so I asked our Cultural Resources Chief, Jeff Burton, to request a public comment meeting in L. A., with an opportunity for input from our friends in the Japanese American community in mind, especially the elderly Nisei who were incarcerated at Manzanar War Relocation Center and who are actually DWP’s ratepayers.
When I reached Mr. Holloway, I was pleased that he greeted me warmly and seemed to be enthusiastic about setting up a meeting.  He stated that he realized that with the comment deadline just a week away, it would be impossible to set up a meeting before then.  However, he stated that as long as we could schedule a meeting during November, DWP would be interested.  As we started to speak about details, I was pleased that both of us felt that Saturday, November 16th would be the best day.  After a few days of working on logistics, we have settled on 10:00 am on that Saturday at the DWP headquarters.  I’ll send you the DWP press release as soon as Chuck sends it to me.
Chuck stated that parking would be free in their parking structure.  I’ve never been there, so hope that what follows is correct:  After parking, we’ll see meeting specific signage directing us towards the Cafeteria area.  The meeting room will be nearby in Room 1, on Level A.  In addition to signage, security guards will be able to direct us towards the room.
He also stated that he’s positive that they’ll announce to meeting participants that they’ll accept written comments from the group for up to two additional weeks.  I just have to hope that because of our collective efforts, we are beginning to see the turning of the tide.
I’ve started to get the message out to the Japanese American community in L.A., but could I ask you to also spread the word here in Owens Valley and down south too?
Thanks to all of you for being so passionate about impacts on our resources (which includes residents), and our natural and cultural landscapes!  Hope to see some of you there!
Les Inafuku
Manzanar National Historic Site

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  1. Mongo The Idiot November 5, 2013 at 8:06 pm #

    I’ll do what I can here by telling people I know who care.


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