Pucci Considers a Step into the Legislative

Government at the local level – that’s where the action is. That’s how Bishop City Administrator Rick Pucci explained his personal views as he now considers a run for County Supervisor in Bishop’s District 3.pucci

Pucci has worked at his desk in Bishop City Hall for nearly 30 years. He officially retired from the City of Bishop at the end of the year, but Pucci agreed to come back and work on an hourly basis during the transition from him to a new administrator. Not ready to give up work in the public arena, Pucci took out petitions in lieu of filing fees to run for Supervisor. He said the key reason he will consider the election is because he has “been in this business so long, I love it.” Pucci said he would now like to try the legislative part of government and get out from behind all day at a desk.

“It will be a challenge,” he said, “if I decide to run and am fortunate enough to be elected.” Pucci said these are the hardest economic times he has seen. “Survival,” he said, “will be the word in government and business.”

The long-time administrator said he and others have tried to pattern Bishop on small business with scale backs when needed and good customer service. Hasn’t he had enough of government? No, said Pucci. He would rather be in the fray, and now it may be time to move to a different venue.

Pucci sees an advantage to life in rural Inyo County during these hard economic times. He says his philosophy is that “government should only do what the private sector won’t and can’t do.”

What about his own personality makes him want to stay in public service? Pucci said he’s been in government most of his life and he “really wants to have an impact on individuals.” He says he took out petitions to get a feel for the community, to see if his candidacy is viable. He will decide by the March deadline. Currently, Pucci would challenge incumbent Supervisor Bev Brown and candidate Karen Summers.

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