“Manson’s Missing Victims” on Discovery ID Channel

In the heat of summer, Inyo Sheriffs officers, scientists and Mammoth Police Sergeant Paul Dostie with his dog Buster ventured into Death Valley and to Barker Ranch, the old hang-out of killer, Charles Manson. They searched for the possibility of more murder victims. They found nothing, but LMNO Productions in Southern California produced a television show.

“Mansons Missing Victims” airs on Discovery ID channel Thursday at 9pm. The program will partly focus on K9 forensic work. We hear there may be some surprises in the show.

Sergeant Dostie believed there may have been a good chance that more bodies were buried at Barker Ranch. His dog, Buster is a trained cadaver dog and had alerted on some locations.

Several forensic scientists also believed in the possibility of more victims at Barker.

The Manson saga continues to intrigue and entertain with an aura of mystery that just wont quit.

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