“Velvet Revolution” by Jack Pound

Good Medicine for Government

Embedded in our system of government is an amazing proposition: “All men are created equal.” It’s a foundational principle we subscribe to verbally, but have managed to forget, when it comes to political action. I’d like to update this proposition, 234 years later, to say: “All souls are created equal.” I believe in the human soul, and I believe our Founding Fathers and Mothers also believed in their highest self.

So how do you reconcile the proposition of equality, with the obvious inequality of those who have money, education and influence? There is ingrained segregation of those without money, and the have-nots have grown in population with the demise of the middle class, effectively co-opted from a system that proposes equality and impartial judgment.

In a democracy, elections and voting are sacred and guaranteed in the Constitution. We have elections coming up, and I believe government is in need of good medicine to overcome the sickness of “We the people” feeling squeezed out of the system with a loss of power.

Personally, I’m sick of government and majority rule that perpetuates inequality by shutting out the vast majority of have-nots, because they havent the resources or qualifications to run for elected office, nor the influence of access. Money seems to be the rule, by which we measure power and influence, and I believe it will lead to decay and ruin from inevitable greed and corruption, encompassing lust for fame and fortune.

Looking at our current election ballot, a small percentage of the population even have the qualifications to run, let alone the resources to campaign. At the state and federal level, it’s all about money and influence to decide who is elected. Do you really think anyone, who has spent millions of dollars running for election and garnering influence through moneyed contacts, will make fair and impartial decisions, affecting millions of have-nots, and not be swayed by more money from contributors? Money is the 21st century answer to power and influence.

What happened to the creative power of ideas and words? Have we settled for corporate governance in the pursuit of happiness? Money and bottom-line profit have become the master, with words and ideas taking a back seat as a driving force for change.

Take the office of Governor or Senator or President for that matter. There aren’t any education or experience qualifications to run for office; however, you must be a citizen, and there are some age requirements. Is there any way a have-not could conceivably run for office? Most political observers would say: “No way.”

However, within the Constitution there is a proposition of created equality and impartial judgment. On the American currency is written a phrase: “In God We Trust.” It is a phrase we’ve all heard, just like “All are created equal”, but we’ve forgotten the meaning, or perhaps don’t even believe it’s truth, and hence, have lost our way.

“First thing we do is kill all the lawyers,” quoting Shakespeare. Can you imagine our modern day corporate profit model existing without lawyers to represent moneyed interests? Can you imagine the judicial branch of government existing without lawyers representing those with money? Money is used as the measuring stick for power and influence in 21st century America, and lawyers represent those with money in our court system of justice. There isn’t any equality for the have-nots. Try running for political office without education and money, and the road is blocked. Try seeking justice in a court of law without a lawyer, and you run into a brick wall.

What to do? That is a question I’ve pondered for some time. I believe the answer lies with the power of ideas and words, such as: “All are created equal”, and “In God We Trust”. Those two phrases are the cornerstone of American democracy and the rallying cry for Independence. They’ve served the USA for 234 years and will be our bedrock for earthly power in the future.

So here is my recipe for good medicine, using the power of words, and it goes something like this: “Listen. Harmonize. Dream. Create. Play. Act. Celebrate. Live. Serve. Trust.” Ten verbs, when applied, can produce a velvet revolution in government and create equality of justice.

First, follow and listen to your soul’s breath. Sit quietly during each day and listen to your inner, highest self. Harmonize with your soul nature and march to the rhythm of your own heart, giving thanks. From silence, dream and create the life of your imagination. Play and act the part you choose to direct. Celebrate freedom, live joyfully, serve others and trust. Trusting your highest self is trusting the source of all life, and all life is created equal.

Jack Pound


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