Rig Ruined After Collision With Bull

Vehicle vs. deer collisions have been in the news recently with one fatality, but there are other animals to watch for on the highway. chp

Highway Patrol officers report an accident that involved a big rig and a black bull on 395. According to the CHP, at about 5:00 am Tuesday morning a northbound rig collided with a black bull on 395 near Goodale Road between Big Pine and Independence. Officers say the driver, a 42-year-old man, was driving the truck at about 55 miles per hour when he suddenly saw a black bull walking in the middle of the highway. The driver hit the brakes but hit the bull head on.

This caused the right side driveline to break and sent the truck out of control, officers say. The truck ended up off the road in a lava bed, splitting the fuel tank open, and spilling 120 gallons of diesel fuel. The driver was not injured, but the vehicle was severely damaged and the bull was killed.

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