Security Cameras in Bishop City Park

After problems with vandalism and other incidents at the Bishop Skate Park, city officials decided to install security cameras at the park. These cameras are expected to be up and running on Friday.

Bishop Community Services Director Keith Caldwell reports that the security company, ADT, plans to install 4 cameras in the City Park. Two of these cameras can be remotely rotated to allow a 360 degree view.

Some will undoubtedly be uneasy about cameras in the park. Caldwell reports that only he and the police will have access to the cameras. While the images from the park will be piped directly to the police station via the internet, Caldwell says that there will be no full time monitoring of the security cameras. He explained that the idea is not to use the cameras unless there is an incident or accident.

Whether the cameras help reduce trouble at the skate park is yet to be seen. Caldwell reports that vandalism and other incidents are down since city staff decided to allow bikes in the skate park. Since earlier this fall when park users pushed for both user groups, skaters can ride in the park on the odd hours of the days, while bikes are allowed into the skate park for the even hours. So far, Caldwell says, things seem to be going well.

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