Sierra Wave Pet Parade

KSRW has launched “Pet Parade”. We want you to send us pictures and/ or video of your pet and a paragraph about why he or she is so special. We will post on our website and air on our TV news. Here is the first local pet. Kathy Allen’s cat, Taya:

“Taya is a 8 year old rescue cat, she was living on the mean streets of Pasadena CA, until she was picked up by the shelter and adopted by a gal in Montrose CA who decided after a few months that she didn’t want Taya anymore and was going to send her back to the Pasadena shelter, the staff gave her 3 days to be re-adopted before they put her down due to limitedspace. I had just lost my beloved cat of 14 years to kidney cancer so I opened my heart and home to Taya, she now a happy indoor very spoiled catwho loves to sleep until she hears the clink of the food bowl.” 

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