Small Earthquakes in the Mammoth Area

Two small earthquakes rattled the Eastern Sierra Thursday morning. When you look at the US Geological Survey website you can see that little shakers, the type you hardly ever feel, are quite common. The Thursday quakes, however, reached notable size.

No damage was reported, but the larger of the two quakes, a magnitude 3.4 occurred at 1:13 in the morning. There were numerous little quakes between and leading up to a magnitude 3.1 at 7:11 in the morning Thursday.

These quakes were centered near the Grinnell Lakes and Red and White Peak, southwest of Toms Place. This is a very common spot for earthquakes to originate in the Eastern Sierra. Dave Hill with the USGS has said that this area has persistently produced small earth quakes since quake activity picked up in the Eastern Sierra during the early eighties.

Three of the magnitude sixes during the eighties and a number of fours have also come from the Grinnell Lake area near Red and White Mountain.

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