Stabbing at Hot Springs Debunked

On April 8, the emergency dispatcher received a 911 call from a female who was crying hysterically, stating that she was scared and hiding in her car. Mono Sheriff Officers report that the phone call was then disconnected.

Mono Sheriff Deputies, Mammoth Police Officers, Long Valley Fire and the Highway Patrol were then dispatched to the area of Benton Crossing Road and 395, where they found the female caller.

After finding the female caller, deputies were led to believe that there was a stabbing victim along with various assault victims near Wild Willies hot spring, where officers headed next.

Deputies report that the initial story, gathered from people at the hot tubs, was that two groups of people had been using the hot tubs. Some of the people were drinking and were intoxicated, when a heated argument broke out. During this argument, officers heard that one of the individuals pulled out a large bowie knife.

After sorting through the reports, officers determined that there was a knife and someone had been stabbed. Officers identified the young man with the knife as 19 year old Bakersfield resident Jacob McMahon. McMahon had originally told officers that his friends were assaulted by the others, but officers say this story was proven false.

Officers say that McMahon was walking with a friend down the boardwalk at Wild Willies, when the two intoxicated individuals stumbled off the boardwalk. The friend fell onto the knife held by McMahon, leading to a laceration on the friends hand.

Officers caught up to the victim at Mammoth Hospital, where the injured person said he could remember drinking at the hot tubs, but nothing other than that, officers report. He did not want to press charges against McMahon who was later arrested for drunk in public, reporting a false crime and emergency, and exhibiting a deadly weapon.

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