State Issues? Call Your Legislators

Current news reports indicate that after more than 80 days of delay, the California Legislature and the Governor were on the verge of resolving budget issues. Citizens have expressed a desire to call their legislators to complain if they don’t hurry up on the budget.

Health care facilities in the Eastern Sierra have failed to receive MediCal revenue since July because of the budget delay. This includes our three hospitals and Bishop Care Center. Southern Inyo Hospital has been particularly placed in jeopardy with this lack of revenue.

Hospital Administrator Lee Barron has not been able to pay vendors and has barely found a way to pay doctors and contractors. Barron said hospital workers have been watching budget developments with nervous anticipation. Barron said the best thing citizens can do is call legislators and insist on a budget.

Here are the offices to call:

Inyo County State Representatives:

Senator Roy Ashburn


Assemblyman Bill Maze


Mono County State Representatives:

Senator Dave Cox


Assemblyman Tom Berryhill



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