Stolen Bike Found in Mammoth

Last week Mammoth Police reported that a thief was basically shopping for expensive bicycles in town by taking the bikes off of porches and decks. Now Police report that a $2500 mountain bike stolen out of a garage has been found.

Sgt. Karen Smart explained that the owner saw their stolen Kona mountain bike parked in front of the Base Camp Caf and told the police. The Police confirmed that it was the stolen bike using serial numbers that the owner had saved.

Sgt Smart reports that the police spoke with an employee at the Base Camp who had bought from someone else in town.

Sgt. Smart says that most used equipment sales that you might find in the classifieds or elsewhere are legitimate transactions. In this case a $2500 mountain bike was for sale for $50. She says that if a purchase sounds too good to be true it probably is. If the sale price is way below the value of the item, "buyer beware" she says.

In case your sports equipment or other valuables do get stolen, Sgt. Smart recommends keeping copies of serial numbers around so that they can ID stolen property faster. You can always bring the skis, boards, and bikes down to the Police Station and register them as well.

As for the other bikes stolen in this rash of thefts, Police will continue to investigate the leads generated from this found bicycle. Sgt. Smart says the hope is to track down the individual that sold the bike.


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