Stricter Building Codes for Long Valley

Long Valley Fire Protection District Chief Fred Stump presented his Districts proposal to impose stricter Fire Safety Building Codes on construction within his District, which encompasses the Crowley basin from Sierra Business Park south to Toms Place.

The new ordinance goes beyond the California Building Standards Code. The ordinance would establish more specific fire hydrant locations, and increase fire sprinkler requirements for new construction and remodels.

The ordinance also bans the storage of cryogenic fluids, and regulates the storage of flammable fluids such as gas, diesel and propane.

The only portion of the proposal that received any negative comment was in relation to the ordinances ban on wood shake roofs and siding. Although such products have been tested to comply with Class A construction, the most fire safe of all roofing materials, Stump contends the research does not consider the life of the building, nor does it consider the potential danger of a wind-carried shake on fire.

The ordinance was unanimously adopted by the Supervisors

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