Subway Serves Up Something New with Netflix’s Green Eggs and Ham

Want to try something new? Subway has something exciting for you! Subway inspires guests to try something new with Netflix’s Green Eggs and Ham . Subway is excited to announce a partnership with Netflix’s new animated series, Green Eggs and Ham, encouraging kids and adults to try something new.

Based on the beloved book by Dr. Seuss, the upcoming animated series Green Eggs and Ham follows the unlikely pair Guy-Am-I and Sam-I-am as they venture out on a road trip to save an endangered animal from a far off zoo. Along the way they learn to try new things like hope, friendship, and … a certain delectable dish.

The campaign encourages guests to try new things like a real Green Eggs and Ham sandwich–or a vegetable they’ve never had before. Subway has billions of custom sandwich combinations with fresh vegetables and a friendly, accessible approach to healthy, quick and easy fresh options for families.

Beginning November 7, for a limited time only at participating Subway restaurants in New York City and Los Angeles, including Lone Pine Bishop and Mammoth, guests can try a Green Eggs and Ham sandwich. The exclusive sandwich features green eggs(made with spinach), ham, American cheese, guacamole, fresh spinach and sliced tomatoes piled high on Italian bread.


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