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Insights about life in LA Aqueduct construction

– Press release from the Eastern California Museum: The remnants of a Los Angeles Aqueduct construction camp have produced insights into how the aqueduct workforce lived and worked, what they ate, smoked and drank, and how the physical layout of the camp itself reflected “scientific management practices” introduced in the early 1900s to improve productivity […]

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OV Mosquito Abatement watching Lower Owens River

– Press release from the Owens Valley Mosquito Abatement Program Increased water levels in the Lower Owens River Project, downstream from the Alabama Gates, has the potential to increase adult mosquito populations in and around Lone Pine. This may prompt spraying over the next few days if populations increase significantly. To reduce the mosquito population […]

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No water? Routine repairs at aqueduct

No water flowing from the Owens Valley down the LA Aqueduct? Hopes and dreams for many people in the Eastern Sierra, and it’s happening right now – but it’s been in the works for weeks. “There is not a major crack or a break in the aqueduct,” said Chris Plakos, local spokesman for the Los […]

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100 years of LA aqueduct and museum calendar reveals historic photos

Museum’s 2013 Calendar Features Construction of the LA Aqueduct The Eastern California Museum’s 2013 calendar features more than a dozen photos of various phases of the construction of the Los Angeles Aqueduct. Work on the 238-mile long Aqueduct started in 1908 and the massive project was completed in 1913. Once complete, the Aqueduct conveyed the […]

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