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Still no details on Mammoth-MLLA deal

Mammoth residents know nothing more today than they did Tuesday about how much money the Town may pay to Mammoth Lakes Land Acquisition to settle the $43 million lawsuit judgment.  What they do know is Assistant Town Manager Marianna Marysheva-Martinez said she will go public with all the details once a final settlement agreement is […]

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Bankruptcy mediation and closed sessions continue in Mammoth

Attorneys and officials from the Town of Mammoth and Mammoth Lakes Land Acquisition continue to mediate a deal on the $43 million lawsuit debt. Assistant Town Manager Marianna Marysheva-Martinez said there is nothing new to report. She said both sides continue with mediation talks by phone and email. Martinez said, “There is no deal yet.” […]

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Bankruptcy mediation talks continue

Mediation talks were scheduled to continue today in Southern California between lawyers who represent the Town of Mammoth and Mammoth Lakes Land Acquisition. Bankruptcy Judge Thomas Holman appointed a judicial mediator to push the two adversaries toward some possible settlement. Meanwhile in Mammoth Lakes, the Town Council planned to hold special closed sessions Monday and […]

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Town of Mammoth will file for bankruptcy relief

As expected, and as clearly planned, the Mammoth Town Council voted unanimously this morning at 10:20 to enter Chapter 9 bankruptcy. A filing will now go to a bankruptcy court. Mayor Matthew Lehman read a press statement in which the Council assures that public services will continue as usual, with support from other local agencies. […]

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Mammoth Town Council: Mostly more of the same

Once again, a lot of repetition  at the Mammoth Town Council meeting Wednesday night.  Strangely, Assistant Town Manager Marianna Marysheva-Martinez once more stood up and talked about the same budget points.  She repeated many of the same things she has said at previous meetings, pointed the public to a budget document on the Town website […]

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Harvey pleads for accountability, change, and MLLA resolution

“What a mess.  A total mess.”  That’s what Mammoth Town Councilman Skip Harvey said of the situation in Mammoth after hearing the Assistant Town Manager explain a budget restructuring plan with $3 million more in proposed cuts and after hearing a dozen citizens make a plea to preserve funding of marketing.  Harvey fell short of […]

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Mammoth officials reveal little else about money/ debt crisis

The Mammoth Town Council’s attempt at its own stated goal of “discussions of Town finances and the MLLA $43 million judgment” unwound as a kind of re-run of a previous meeting with very little public input. Town Manager Dave Wilbrecht said there is a “rigorous process” happening with restructuring the Town finances and  mediation with […]

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Mammoth officials offer time for public talk over money crises

Town of Mammoth Lakes officials have continued to say they want to involve the public in discussions over government money problems, including the $43 million MLLA debt, but to many it doesn’t feel that way.  Starting this week, officials say they will try to change the dynamic of public communication. To start with, the Mammoth […]

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Mammoth’s financial crunch goes public

The Mammoth Lakes community learned very little new information on the grave state of the Town’s finances and dealings with the $42 million debt owed to MLLA when the Town Council met Wednesday night. Assistant Town Manager Marianna Marysheva-Martinez had told Sierra Wave Media that the Town suffers from chronic lack of revenue to meet […]

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Choices in Mammoth’s prelude to possible bankruptcy

Under a new law that deals with municipal bankruptcy, the Town of Mammoth Lakes could declare a state of fiscal emergency and go directly to bankruptcy proceedings.  Mammoth has chosen the other alternative in that law – neutral evaluation and mediation with creditors. Asked about the choice the Town of Mammoth has made, Assistant Town […]

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Mammoth’s money problems: chronic and serious

Mammoth Town government has a long-term, structural, financial problem that will require more cuts.  That’s what Assistant Town Manager Marianna Marysheva-Martinez said when Sierra Wave News asked her if the Town has a chronic lack of money to cover costs, aside from the $42 million debt issue. Next fiscal year, the Town expects a nearly […]

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