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Tougher standards for ponds in West Bishop

By Deb Murphy The Bishop Creek Water Association approved tougher standards for new and existing ponds at its Tuesday meeting. Faced with an historically low 4 percent snow pack in the Eastern Sierra and 36 percent run-off, assuming precipitation in the next six months is normal, the association approved the recommendations to help deliver what […]

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Bishop Creek water users: ‘Work, suffer together’

By Deb Murphy Mark Lacey asked that area ranchers and West Bishop residents “work together and suffer together.” Steve Stevens anticipated that request and is working toward a system that would equitably distribute the reduced flows out of the Bishop Creek drainage through the irrigation season. At issue is a 23-percent reduction in irrigation allocations […]

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West Bishop once more dry

Landscape season has mostly faded away, and the mood of homeowners in West Bishop has mostly faded too along with the water that flows down Bishop Creek from the upper lakes. Empty ponds in front yards, as one man put it, are ugly and the state of water flow is depressing. Rocky Baker, board member […]

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No help for lakes or West Bishop

According to the President of the Bishop Creek Water Association, Southern California Edison has refused to hold back water in the upper lakes this summer because the Department of Water and Power won’t give Edison a letter saying it’s okay to do so. President Steve Stevens had told us that the Water Association Board had […]

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Letter to the editor: step up to the plate of water management

(This is a letter written by the Owens Valley Committee to the Inyo-LA Technical Group by OVC VP, Daniel Pritchett) Inyo-LA Technical Group C/O Bob Harrington Inyo County Water Department PO Box 337 Independence, CA 93526 C/O James Yannotta Los Angeles Department of Water and Power 300 Mandich St. Bishop, ca 93514 Dear Technical Group […]

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BCWA asks Edison to modify creek flows

The Bishop Creek Water Association Board recently voted to send a letter to Southern California Edison asking for modification of Bishop Creek flows to keep water in the upper lakes and water flowing down the creek as long as possible this summer. The letter, signed by Water Association President Steve Stevens, points to the “very […]

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Agencies work on water flow plan

As the weather heats up and water pours down Bishop Creek drainage, officials from water and power agencies continue to meet and negotiate over a plan that will keep the creek and the lakes from running dry at summer’s end. That’s what happened last year, and as a result several domestic wells went dry in […]

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Water practices revealed

In what many called a “rancorous meeting” at times, members and observers of the Bishop Creek Water Association sat down in the Bishop High School Library Tuesday night to hash out the low water situation this year. A retired Southern California Edison hydrographer also shed considerable light on past practices which he said had helped […]

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Bishop man presses for better water management

While the Inyo Water Department searches for answers to dried up West Bishop wells and a ten-foot drop in a monitoring well, citizens have begun to galvanize their concerns over lakes, creeks, water ditches, ponds and the groundwater table. One local citizen, Philip Anaya, has made it a point to speak at the Inyo Supervisors’ […]

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