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Government shutdown to hurt most needy

If Congress fails to resolve the government shutdown this month, funding for food stamps and the Women, Infants and Children program in Inyo County will suffer. Senior citizen programs could as well. Health and Human Services Director Jean Turner told the Inyo Supervisors that 989 households in Inyo would not receive food stamp funding if […]

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Bureaucrat Beat: Shame City, LA epiphany, and bird paranoia

“From city halls to county courthouses, from the State house to the White House – bureaucrats control our lives.  Public servants who often try to become our masters.  People whose salaries we pay, but what goods and services do we get?  On Sierra Wave’s Bureaucrat Beat, we’ll report what they’re up to.”  That’s the Bureaucrat […]

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Government shutdown hurts local workers

As of last night at midnight in Washington, D.C., Congress had failed to pass a budget and the government shut down. This in the face of polls that show that only 10% of those surveyed approve of Congress. Locally, the shutdown means job furloughs without pay for federal employees and closure of national parks. Inyo […]

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